The Association is reproducing the following recent experience as told to us by two Maltese consumers who “thought” they had a well planned holiday (at least not until they dealt with this website):

“I had bought the football tickets. The game was on Sunday the 24th February. Friday early morning (the day we were to leave for Italy), I received an email asking us for our details because according to the Italian football game rules, the tickets must contain the correct details (including passport number) of the people who are going to watch the match. I sent the passport scans via email. We did not receive a response from them Friday or Saturday. 

On Sunday, 2-3 hours before the match they called to say that they tried to deliver the tickets but no one was in the apartment (On their website they have DHL and TNT logos – however these do not work on Sundays because we checked). They asked us to pick up the tickets from a pick-up point and we did. The tickets were under the name of two other people but there was a name-change form which had our names listed. The tickets  were on the Inter side (not Milan as we had ordered) and at the last tier. £198 for the tickets and £30 for handling costs. A total of £228 – which according to their currency converter is 319 euros.

From our research it shows that this company has ruined many a holiday and they manage to get away with it – some people do get their tickets whilst others don’t. The fact that some do get their tickets is probably what keeps them functioning as a ticket site. I think it’s very unfair because although we got the tickets, they gave us a very hard time and bad seats on the wrong side of the stadium. This is not what I ordered and paid for!”