Vodafone-Melita Merger off

Earlier this week it was announced that the merger between Vodafone and Melita is off as they could not meet the demands which the Office for Competition (OC) within the MCCAA were imposing.

The Consumers’ Association is relieved that this merger is off as such a merger would have turned the telephone market into a duopoly. The Association was against the merger and it pronounced itself publicly many times against this merger. It also submitted its views to the OC on several occasions so that the consumers’ interests are safeguarded.

Though the Association is satisfied with the outcome, it expected that the OC would issue a statement where it would give an indication of the issues which underlined its investigation into the merger without divulging any commercial information.

The Association urges both the OC and the Malta Communications Authority to start issuing an annual joint report on the telecom market. While the Consumers’ Association notes that the MCA periodically issues such a report, it would be more useful if such a report is drawn by both Authorities as it would give a holistic view of how the local telecommunications market is operating.

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