Travel Insurances – Are you covered?

Following the publication on our website regarding Citadel’s travel insurance policy (Citadel’s Travel Insurance Hidden Limitations) and also Citadel’s legal action against the Consumers’ Association Malta (Citadel sues CA for alerting consumers), the Consumers’ Association took a further step.

In October 2017, the Association wrote to the MCCAA, the regulator in charge of consumer affairs, to investigate Citadel’s travel insurance policy especially regarding the Section1: CANCELLATION AND CURTAILMENT CHARGES where we maintain that consumers were not given essential information in contravention of the Consumers’ Affairs Act.

However, we believe that this is the tip of the iceberg as other insurance policies being offered by other firms might also not be giving the necessary information to consumers so that the latter would be able to ensure that the travel insurance that they are buying satisfies their needs.

Consequently we asked the Consumer Affairs Unit to investigate other insurance policies to ensure compliance with the Consumers’ Affairs Act.

We urge consumers who would be taking more than one flight to arrive at their destination to ensure that the insurance policy that they would be buying does in fact covers all the flights to be taken.  We believe that inspecting the policy may not be enough and encourage consumers to ask specifically about such coverage.  We also urge consumers to have confirmation of this in writing.

We would be grateful to those consumers who would contact us if they find that some travel insurance has essential information missing.  As usual you may contact us on



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