Piccinino’s elastic bikini prices

Last Wednesday, a consumer went to The Point to buy a swimsuit from Piccinino at The Point outlet.  She decided to buy a bikini priced €49.95.  However, at the point of sale she was charged €69.95.  When she protested the salesgirl called the supervisor and was given a discount of €4.


On our advice, she wrote to Piccinino protesting about this.  She received a message to call Mr Matthew Piccinino.  When she called she was asked to go to The Point again as the bikini has been reserved for her so that she could take it at the indicated price of €49.95.  Mr Piccinino also confirmed that he has the bikini her size and she could go and collect it.  She also posted her complaint on Piccinino’s facebook page.  As a response she was instructed to go and collect the bikini.


Some two hours later she drove to Sliema to get her bikini at the set price.  But wonder of wonders, when she arrived at The Point’s outlet, she was informed that they do not have her size.

She wrote again on the Facebook page but they removed her post.  She posted again and was informed that it was a human mistake!

Beware as the prices indicated may not be what you will be charged!!!