Meeting with the Malta Communications Authority

The aim of this meeting was twofold. The first objective was to see how we can operate in view of the present scenario within the MCA’s decision, on “Modifications to the terms and conditions of subscriber contracts”, issued on the 11th October 2011and the OCA’s decision issued last September.

As a general point we expressed the opinion that we are in agreement to the principles laid down by the MCA’s decision moreover since they reflect those enshrined in the Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act, particularly Article 23.

Our main concern is the voluntary agreement reached by the Office for Consumer Affairs, within the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority, which definitely has a bearing on the latest decision issued by the MCA, not to mention its past decision. Here we refer to that issued by the same MCA on September 2010.

The Association reiterated that the OCA’s decision does not address the issues faced by consumers and that it was more favourable to the line taken by the MCA to date.

Following further communications between the two sides the Authority proposed holding regular meetings to discuss issues of mutual interest particularly those faced by end users and to discuss initiatives taken up by the Authority in favour of the consumers.