Talba Numru. 1004/2009

Edmund Barbara ID 458139 (M) u Steve Barbara ezercenti l-kummerc taht l-isem Barbara Music Shop vs John Formosa ID 707555 (M) u Monique Formosa ID 222362 (M)

Avviz Numru. 232/2007

F Advertising Limited (C-27689) Vs Anthony u Mary Rose konjugi Tabone

Appell Civili Numru. 232/2007/2

Rikors Numru 232/07VG F. Advertising Limited (C 27689) vs Anthony u Mary Rose konjugi Tabone

Appell Civili Numru. 684/2007/1

HPS Trading Limited vs Dr. Martin Debattista u Celia Debattista

Appell Civili Numru. 24/2009

Natasha Grech vs G.I. Trading Ltd

Appell Civili Numru. 1/2010

Renato u Janice Vidal vs U.C.I.M. Co. Ltd

ECJ Judgment concerning interpretation of Article 23(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1008/2008

The decision is important because it has been clarified that not only airlines but also other sellers of air travel through an online portal have to follow the standards of the Regulation (EC) No 1008/2008 regarding price transparency. Particularly it has been said that a flight cancellation insurance is an optional price supplement which has to be announced at the beginning of the booking proceeding via opt-in. ebookers had preinstalled the additional booking of an insurance by which the price for the flight had been increased automatically.

Consumers’ Association vs MCCAA and Director General (Consumer Affairs) 26.02.2014

A landmark decision.  In July 2011 the Consumers’ Association had asked the Director General (Consumer Affairs) within the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority to investigate the complaints lodged by consumers regarding the services provided by Arriva (Malta). The Director General refused to take on the Association’s request and directed the Association to write a fresh request to Transport Malta as it was the competent authority.

The Association appealed this decision as it did not agree with the Director General’s decision.

The Tribunal, in its decision, disagreed with the stance taken by the Director General.  It annulled his decision and ordered him to take on the complaint and investigate as requested by the Consumers’ Association.