Fantasy Tours


The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority last week issued a warning as per Article 8 of the Consumer Affairs Act on Fantasy Tours, a travel agency which, it said, was offering an “unsatisfactory” service.

A warning is issued by the consumer watchdog when a specific trader provides goods or services that are unsatisfactory or dangerous.

Such a statement is also issued when trading practices are detrimental to the interest of consumers and hence may adversely affect us when we acquire goods or services from traders.

The Office for Consumer Affairs within the MCCAA felt the need to issue the warning against Fantasy Tours because, after looking into the practices of the company, it was determined that it was engaging in trading practices that were detrimental to consumers.

In particular, Fantasy Tours failed to honour 12 decisions of the Consumer Claims Tribunal that were issued in favour of consumers against the company. Furthermore, since 2008, there were 150 complaints registered with the Complaints and Conciliation Directorate against Fantasy Tours or Golden Travel Club Ltd.

vide MCCAA public warning statement here: