Just beware that contrary to what Arriva states not all consumers may get a refund of any money that is stuck in their ticket vending machines.

Be also informed that it may be the case that ticket vending machines may not have an “Out of Order” notice thereby deceiving consumers and giving the impression that they are working correctly.

Also note that we have information that Arrive Malta will not deal with complaints dealing with 5 euros or less.

In the circumstances it is advisable that tickets are purchased from bus drivers.

Piccinino’s elastic bikini prices

{nl}{nl}{nl}piccininoLogo.jpgPiccinino’s elastic bikini prices{nl}{nl}

Last Wednesday, a consumer went{nl}to The Point to buy a swimsuit from Piccinino at The Point outlet.  She decided to buy a bikini priced €49.95.  However, at the point of sale she was charged{nl}€69.95.  When she protested the salesgirl{nl}called the supervisor and was given a discount of €4. 

{nl}{nl}Piccinino1.jpg     {nl}{nl}

On our advice, she wrote to{nl}Piccinino protesting about this.  She{nl}received a message to call Mr Matthew Piccinino.  When she called she was asked to go to The{nl}Point again as the bikini has been reserved for her so that she could take it{nl}at the indicated price of €49.95.  Mr{nl}Piccinino also confirmed that he has the bikini her size and she could go and{nl}collect it.  She also posted her{nl}complaint on Piccinino’s facebook page. {nl}As a response she was instructed to go and collect the bikini.

Piccinio_2.jpg    {nl}{nl}

Some two hours later she drove to{nl}Sliema to get her bikini at the set price. {nl}But wonder of wonders, when she arrived at The Point’s outlet, she was{nl}informed that they do not have her size. {nl}


She wrote again on the Facebook page{nl}but they removed her post.  She posted{nl}again and was informed that it was a human mistake!


Beware as the prices indicated{nl}may not be what you will be charged!!!


Lidl's lure


A German consumer who lives in Malta also brought to our attention another bait advertisement.  It should be noted that bait advertisement is defined by the EU as one which ‘lures the consumer into buying from a company by advertising a product at a very low price without having a reasonable stock available. 


On the 21st of March Lidl was supposed to offer fruit trees for sale (click here).  Yet, none were offered in the stores.  Lidl tried to justify this by saying that they try to estimate the demand.  However, this could not be as not a single tree was offered for sale.


On the 28th March Lidl was to offer both a Combination cutter and a Chain saw (click here).  Within two hours these were sold out showing that the amount supplied to the stores was very small.  Yet one could still see them on Lidl’s website days after.


It should be noted that Lidl is known for such unfair commercial practices and has been found guilty in several other European countries. 


We informed the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority to take the necessary action.


Bottega del Marmista Ltd


The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority has issued a warning about a worker involved in the installation of marble, who, it said, is taking deposits but then failing to execute the agreed works.

It named the worker as  Joseph, also known as Giuseppe or Joe Azzopardi.

The MCCAA said Mr Azzopardi, of ID 753355M, operates under the company Bottega del Marmista, of which he is a director, from Durumblat Road, limits of Mosta,

He has been repeatedly found guilty by the Consumer Claims Tribunal that he failed to abide by the obligations he took upon himself with regard to said services.

date issued: 7th May 2013

BEWARE: Powerhouse non-existent customer service


powerhouse_120x180.jpg  BEWARE:  Powerhouse{nl}non-existent customer service{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}

In December a consumer bought a toaster Cuisiner Elegance{nl}from Powerhouse.  On using one of the 3{nl}pallets supplied the second time, the covering peeled off with the food.  She was informed by Powerhouse to contact the{nl}agent.  However, the agent is refusing to{nl}change it.


Cuisiner_Elegance_toaster.jpg  It should be noted that Powerhouse is responsible to replace{nl}this toaster as this was bought from their outlet in Iklin.{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}

The peeling off of the non-stick covering after being used{nl}twice shows that the toaster is not manufacture to the expected standards


Powerhouse was contacted several times by the consumers and{nl}our association.  However, we have not{nl}received any answer from Powerhouse.


BEWARE that Powerhouse is not up to their responsibilities{nl}at law. 


BEWARE: Fishy Dryzone advert


P2270126a.jpg  Beware Fishy Dryzone advert

In the February issue of Hotspot, the advert magazine which is distributed free to all, there was an advert of Malta Dryzone.  Dryzone was one of the adverts which Marphil Gauci ** was using.  We had contacted the UK distribution centre of Dryzone to see if there is any connection.  The answer we got is the following:

“Unfortunately, we do not have any distributors in Malta, our nearest distributor to you would be Ruredil in Italy, I know that they have stockists in Malta, they sell Dryzone as an “own brand” under the name of  Rurewall Dry”.  Thus beware as for sure the product being used is not Dryzone!”

Read our earlier warnings on Marphil Gauci.

Also read here the following article published on The Sunday Times of Malta on January 27, 2008 by our colleague Mr Adrian Muscat Inglott