BEWARE: Powerhouse non-existent customer service

    BEWARE:  Powerhouse non-existent customer service 

In December a consumer bought a toaster Cuisiner Elegancefrom Powerhouse.  On using one of the 3pallets supplied the second time, the covering peeled off with the food.  She was informed by Powerhouse to contact theagent.  However, the agent is refusing tochange it.


     It should be noted that Powerhouse is responsible to replacethis toaster as this was bought from their outlet in Iklin.

The peeling off of the non-stick covering after being usedtwice shows that the toaster is not manufacture to the expected standards

Powerhouse was contacted several times by the consumers andour association.  However, we have notreceived any answer from Powerhouse.

BEWARE thatPowerhouse is not up to their responsibilities at law.