BEWARE of these traders:

Beware of these traders mentioned in the Public Warning Statements issued by MCCAA.


This year the Director General of the Consumer Affairs Directorate published 4 public warning statements all in connection with traders failing to honour the Consumer Affairs Tribunal decision.  The following are the traders against whom the Public Warning statements were issued:

Gianluca Ciprini of IGC Group Ltd:   The trader had promised to deliver, from Poland, a folding door which was supposed to be with three openings, double glazed and with a mosquito net installed , for which a deposit of 1, 400 euros was paid. However, the consumer noticed that it was actually made in Malta, had 4 openings instead of 3 and a mosquito net could not be fixed to this door; thus, not as ordered by the consumer. The trader was ordered by the Tribunal to pay the sum of 1, 000 euros to the consumer

Vincent Agius of Agius Photo Studio of Paola:   The consumer had ordered a package including photos, album, pre wedding and post –wedding sessions, two smaller albums and the wedding DVD. The photos were never delivered as they were not ready yet.  Trader was ordered by the Tribunal to pay the sum of 1, 300 euros.

Franz Camilleri (472061M):   The consumer had engaged the trader to carry out works on her Maltese timbered balcony, paying him the sum of 450 euros. The said works were never carried out.

Alucare Mosta Ltd :   The consumer had ordered aluminium work from the company, but it turned out to be faulty due to rainwater seepage. The Tribunal ordered the company to pay the consumer three hundred (300) euros.

The Directorate for Consume Affairs within the MCCAA has recently issued a Public Warning statement against a trader who failed to honour the Consumer Affairs Tribunal decision.

The Consumer Affairs Act empowers the Director General to issue a Public Warning Statement identifying and giving information in relation to:

  • goods or services that are unsatisfactory or dangerous and the persons supplying the said goods or services;
  • trading practices detrimental to the interest of consumers and persons who engage in such practices;
  • and any other matter that adversely affects or may adversely affect the interests of consumers in  connection with the acquisition by them of goods or services from traders.

One thing that we noticed is that it is the second Public Warning Statement issued by the Directorate responsible for consumer Affairs regarding Agius Photo Studio of Paola.  The first one was issued last year.  It shows that as we had been saying all along, the setting up of the Consumer Claims Tribunal on its own is not enough.  Harsher measures for those who believe they are above the law need to be introduced.

Would you buy from a trader who thinks he is above law and thus does not recognize your rights as a consumer?!


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