BEWARE: MIB’s strict interpretations – luggage insurance

mib_logo-png.jpgAnother strict interpretation by MIB led to another consumer not being fully covered for his luggage.  The consumer took a cruise from another port.  Somehow the luggage was not taken on to the ship.  Thus he had literally to buy everything for the cruise.

On returning to Malta, he submitted a claim.  The insurance wanted to compensate the consumer for ‘delayed’ luggage since the luggage was returned to him AFTER the cruise and was offered a compensation of €400.  The policy had another term ‘lost/non-delivery’.  However, they did not use this clause for compensation.

We claimed that the compensation should be under this term as for the consumer the luggage was ‘lost/non-delivered ’ during the cruise.

Again this tight interpretation was denying the consumer the compensation a ‘normal’ consumer should expect.  We believe that the term ‘delayed’ covers a delay but having the luggage returned to the consumer during the voyage.  For the normal consumer the term ‘lost/non-delivery’ means that either the luggage is permanently lost or else it has not been delivered during the voyage.  If this was not so, then the phrase should only read ‘lost’.

Thus BEWARE as you might find that they will deliver you your luggage when back in Malta after your voyage and MIB will only compensate you for late delivery!