BEWARE: Agius Photo Studio, Poala – the numbers increase


Agius_phot_studio_paola.jpg Beware:  Agius Photo Studios Paola  the numbers increase

Since last time we received two other complaints – one regarding another wedding occasion and the regarding a simple Holy Communion photo.  The first has been waiting for another two years while the other had been waiting for about one and a half years for just one photo!  Incredible but true.

A consumer contracted Agius Photo Studios Paola to have a photographic record of her wedding.  She was married in July 2011.  Three years later, this consumer is still waiting for her wedding photograhs in spite of her numerable attempts and broken promises that the photos and video will be soon delivered to her. 

We were contacted by the consumer this year.  We sent several letters to Agius Photo Studios Paola but have not received any response from his side.

Some days ago we received a similar complaint from another consumer who after 2 years is still waiting for her wedding photos!!!

BEWARE:  If you want to rest assured of having your wedding photos, use a reliable photographer.