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Regulations to enhance mobility

Senior citizens are rarely considered a primary target consumer group by firms.  If one looks at the advertisements one finds, senior citizens are rarely the target group.  However, statistics show that we’re an ageing population.  Already a good percentage of our population are over 60 years of age and the trend is that this cohort […]

Stop Geo-Blocking

Stop Geo-Blocking Geo-Blocking is a discriminatory business practice as it discriminates on the basis of nationality. Geo-blocking prevents consumers from certain nationalities to buy from particular websites. It is anti-competitive as it is a form of market segmentation. Through geo-blocking a business would be building up artificial barriers so as to exploit certain markets usually […]

A Consumer Centric Energy Market

{nl}     Energy today is a very vital component in our lives.  Unfortunately we take it for granted.  It is only when there is a power cut, prices rise or we receive an expensive bill that we realize the importance of energy in our daily life.  {nl}{nl}

Fantasy Tours

  The Consumers’ Association have been active behind thescenes in order to solve this problem. We wish to announce that recently there have been positive developmentsin this area thanks to the cooperation of the Ministers involved in thisissue.  We hope that we would be able toannounce these developments soon.  


{nl}{nl}{nl}Il-Kunsill jixtieq javza lil dawk il-konsumaturi li huma     registrati fil-kaz tal-falliment tal-Agenzija tal-Ivjaggar 'Fantasy Tours' li t-talba li saret fl-ahhar laqgha biex fil-25, 26 u fid-29 imorru l-ufficcju biex ihalsu l-hmistax il-Ewro tal-kawza, issa giet imhassra minhabba zviluppi fl-skambju ta' tahdit li jinsab ghaddej mal-awtoritajiet koncernati. Malli jkun il-waqt, l-Ghaqda tinforma lil dawk  involuti  bil-mod tas-soltu.              

Tribunal Decision

llli din il-pendenza tirrigwarda wedding video li r-rikorrent ordna minghand il-konvenut u/jew is-socjeta' tieghu, liema video gie konsenjat lilu iktar minn sena u disa xhur wara t-tieg. L-ilment tar-rikonent huwa bazat fuq in-nugqas ta' disponibilita' da parti tal-konvenut, li ma kienx jirrispondi t-telefon, jew l-emails u sms texts li kien jibghatlu, u li lanqas ma […]

Fantasy Tours – Laqgha fil-11/06/2015.

Il-kunsill tal-Ghaqda tal-Konsumaturi VO 0876 ( Consumers' Association) ser jaghmel Laqgha ohra ghal dawk il-Konsumaturi li huma involuti fil-falliment tal-Agenzija tal-Ivvjaggar 'Fantasy Tours'.{nl}{nl}Il-laqgha ser issir nhar il-Hamis, 11 ta' Gunju 2015, fil-5.30 p.m. Fil-Workers' Memorial Building, General Worker's Union, Triq Nofs in-Nhar, Valletta.{nl}Il-Kunsill jixtieq jirringrazzja lill-Amministrazzjoni tal-GWU ghal ghajnuna biex setghat issir din il-laqgha.{nl}{nl}Dawk il-Konsumaturi […]