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Bombarded Consumers – Youth

Bombarded Consumers:  Youth Relentlessly pursued by advertisers, incessantly targeted by the media and at the forefront of every single major promotional campaign going, in a crowded marketplace attracting the attention of young people and compelling them to put their hand in their pocket and paying money for the latest must-have item is of paramount importance. However, consumer […]

Volkswagen emission scandal

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Very few spoke or wrote about this scandal. The only reaction especially from official sources was that we’re monitoring the situation – and that seems also the reaction today. Monitoring and consideration but no action ! (see MCCAA’s reaction) Mind you, this is the reaction of the most of European authorities which […]

Gas Cylinder Distribution

Previous to 2015, LPG gas cylinder distribution was totally monopolised through exclusive geographical territory agreements with 31 distributors in spite of the fact that this was not within local legal limits and against EU rules. In 2015, after a public consultation, the government decided to declare this distribution service as a Service of General Economic […]