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Travel Insurances – Are you covered?

Following the publication on our website regarding Citadel’s travel insurance policy (Citadel’s Travel Insurance Hidden Limitations) and also Citadel’s legal action against the Consumers’ Association Malta (Citadel sues CA for alerting consumers), the Consumers’ Association took a further step. In October 2017, the Association wrote to the MCCAA, the regulator in charge of consumer affairs, […]

Meeting with the Energy Regulator

ARMS At a meeting which was held recently with the CEO of the Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS), the Association raised a number of issues.  But the main emphasis was the highly unsatisfactory customer service provided by ARMS. The main complaints focused around the smart meter.  The Association made the point that in […]

Vodafone-Melita Merger off

Earlier this week it was announced that the merger between Vodafone and Melita is off as they could not meet the demands which the Office for Competition (OC) within the MCCAA were imposing. The Consumers’ Association is relieved that this merger is off as such a merger would have turned the telephone market into a […]

Ryanair Cancellations

Following the recent arbitrary cancellation of some flights by Ryanair, the Consumers’ Association Malta would like to inform impacted consumers that they may consider seeking redress in line with EU Regulation 261/2004. Consumers should in the first instance ask Ryanair using its complaint form on: Ryanair Claim Form If the Airline fails to give a […]

Citadel sues C A for alerting  consumers 

Following the article on the Consumer Association’s (CA) website entitled “Beware: Citadel’s Travel Insurance Hidden Limitations”, CA first received a letter from Citadel’s legal counsel where CA was told that should it not immediately remove this post from its website and publish an apology with wording  that will be agreed to by Citadel, Citadel  would […]

Gozo Channel’s unresponsiveness

One thing that distinguishes firms is their customer care.  This shortcoming is found in all sectors of the economy.  However, those firms which are in the public sector are more prone to such shortcomings.  This is in spite of the efforts that are being made to make public sector firms more responsive to customer complaints.  […]

ANEC’s Cross-border Health Care Survey

ANEC is the European consumer voice in standardisation. It represents the European consumer interest in the creation of technical standards, especially those developed to support the implementation of European laws and public policies. The purpose of collecting views from consumers is on cross-border healthcare. We are also interested in your experiences using hospitals, or visiting […]

BEWARE of these traders:

Beware of these traders mentioned in the Public Warning Statements issued by MCCAA.   This year the Director General of the Consumer Affairs Directorate published 4 public warning statements all in connection with traders failing to honour the Consumer Affairs Tribunal decision.  The following are the traders against whom the Public Warning statements were issued: […]